D200 T

  • Compact Design
  • Long life high precision power train
  • 480mm lift
  • Full length back plate
  • Shock Resistant
  • Maximum resistance to bending
  • Verticalgear box

Technical Data
Mounting Height (MH) 835mm
Lift 480mm
Lifting capacity 24t
Static load 50t
Lift per turn of the crank
- low gear 1.0mm
- high gear 10.6mm
crank force at 16t load 230 N

Selection Table / Versions Available
Item Description Remark
01 Cover, left with screws  
02 Cover, right with screws  
03 Connection Shaft  
04 Small bevel gear with clamping sleeves  
05 Large bevel gear with clamping sleeves  
06 Bearing  
07 Drive Shaft  
08 Plug  
09 Grease Nipple  
10 Collar  
11 Drive shaft  
12 Bearing  
13 Bearing  
14 Large gear set with clamping sleeves  
15 Pressure spring with balls  
16 Crank drive pinion with pressure spring and balls  
17 Gearbox cover  
18 Self tapping screw  
19 Bush  
20 Crank handle with crank handle grip  
21 Crank parking hook  
22 Shaft left  
23 Shaft right  
24 Thrust Bearing  
25 Spindle, left compl. with 26
26 Spindle, right compl. with 26
27 Pin  
28 Supporting tube  
29 Sand shoe  
30 Axle for sand shoe compl.  

Repair Kits
Description Remark
Leg complete RH with drive for type D200T00000
Leg complete LH with drive for type D200T00000