LubeTronic is a retrofit kit making prime-mover fifth wheels virtually maintenance free. LubeTronic saves time and money while simplifying the day-to-day routine of drivers and freight forwarding companies.

LubeTronic employs a specially coated lock jaw, and an electronically regulated lubrication cartridge that discharges lubricant in a constant, uniform manner, and over a temperature range of minus 20 to plus 70 degrees Celsius. The coating makes the surface of the lock-jaw particularly wear resistant and durable, so even minimal lubricating grease is sufficient.

The Lubetronic automatic lubrication system has developed into an integrated, automated lubrication system for a wide variety of different applications. For instance, Lubetronic can now provide the whole coupling, including the surface, with the ideal lubrication required in each case. The new and improved Lubetronic also reduces the wear and tear on couplings, and eases everyday work with them.

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Design / Features
  • Always lubricates safely
  • The special coating on the lock jaw makes the surface extremely durable. This allows the lock jaw to be operated with a minimal amount of lubricant.
  • Excellent emergency running properties allow the coating to handle short-term operating even without lubricant.
  • Outstanding lubrication qualities thanks to novel lubricants from high-performance grease and continuous lubrication
  • Temperature range: 20 C to +70 C
  • Electronic dose dispensing reduces both costs and enviromental impact
  • Completely sealed and immersion tested (IP 68)
Technical Specifications
  5 point Lubetronic    
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