Frontal Body Cylinders
The standard cylinder range includes Front-End Cylinders with Outer Cover (FC), with Eye (FE) and with Eye/Eye (FEE). Single and double acting types as well as underbody cylinders are also available. Strokes range up to 11.000 mm. Tipping capacity ranges up to 90 tons. In addition to our standard features, we offer options such as an incorporated damper; a double acting last stage and several surface treatments.
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Design / Features

Thanks to the modular design, we can offer a complete range of tipping cylinders assembled to order. This flexible manufacturing system minimises the delivery time for the standard range of cylinders. The use of top quality materials keeps wear at a minimum and maintenance simple. Due to the patented design based on only a small number of components, no special tools are required!

Computer Aided Design (CAD) combined with fully automated manufacturing is one of the most efficient in the business. On line quality control is a key to our zero defects philosophy.

All cylinders are fully tested before despatch (pressure tests up to 1 times working pressure). Our customers all over the world acknowledge our reliability. "The lSO 9001 standard held since 1991 is your assurance of optimum quality and safety".
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